Sanitize. Protect. Clean.

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About Us

When a company combines innovation, performance, and passion, the result is success. At BioClear™, we stay focused on these core values in order to deliver unique products that provide the best bacteriostatic performance available. 

Whether it’s a sports locker room, daycare, or home kitchen, our product has you covered from harmful bacteria and viruses, including those that kill COVID-19. Based in Dayton, OH, we distribute BioClear™ nationwide.

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Our Products

We proudly invite you to experience the innovation, performance, and power of BioClear™. With a 99.99% kill rate and bacteriostatic action, this is the most effective surface protectant on the market. Our dedication to delivering the best products possible gives our customers a powerful new choice in cleaning and sanitizing methods. We also deploy the same powerful and effective formula in our bacteriostatic sanitizing spray, and our microbial surface protectant and hand sanitizer.

Our mission is to help you Clean, Sanitize and Protect.